Oracle Corporation: Selling in a Competitive Market

How an enterprise software juggernaut used visualisation to differentiate itself from its competition during the tender process.

The Problem

In the enterprise software world, responding to a Request for Tender is a long, drawn-out, and arduous process involving countless PowerPoint presentations, multiple technical demonstrations, countless Q&A sessions, and limited opportunity to demonstrate why your product is any different from the five competitors that you’re up against.

The sales team at Oracle understood this, and turned to Sketch Group to help them stand out.

At a Glance

  • Project: Various Sales Proposals
  • Client: Oracle Corporation
  • Delivered: Ongoing
  • Category: Technology, Education, Health, Illustration, Explainer Videos, Graphic Recording

Our Approach

We believe that sales should be multi-sensory. In order to speak to both the hearts and the minds of your audience, you need to engage all of their senses—or as many as is practicable.


Our Solution

We regularly partner with the Oracle sales team to deliver a multi-sensory campaign to a number of clients across the education, transport, retail, local government, health, and technology sectors. Over the years, the Sketch Group team has provided:

  • graphic recording during sales presentations
  • animated videos to kick off a campaign
  • print collateral to reinforce the “brand” of the campaign
  • illustrated storyboards that humanised the stories that the sales team shared with their prospects

The Outcome

A number of successful campaigns utilised our visual storytelling skills to educate the client, differentiate the product, and build rapport with the client. A small sample is shown below.

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