Government Graphics that Grab your Attention

At Sketch Group, we’re experts at synthesising information and bringing it to a life as an illustration or video that your audience can’t help pay attention to.

Once you have someone’s attention, then your message stands a much greater chance of being understood.

Challenges when Communicating in the Public Sector

During the 10+ years that we’ve worked with clients from all levels of government, we’ve seen the same challenges appear time and again. These include:

  • Consultation: Especially at a local government level, we know that there is not only a push within government to consult more widely with community, but increasingly there is an external expectation to do so
  • Cultural And Linguistically Diverse Communications: Printing a flyer with a few translations is the bare minimum, but it’s not enough to ensure that everyone in your community feels included, regardless of their background
  • Measuring impact: It’s one thing to erect a few signs or distribute some flyers, but how many people are actually reading your message?
  • Stakeholder management: getting everyone on board, especially on projects when there are a dozen or more people with a vested interest in the project’s success, is hard!
  • Social media debate: heated backlash from Facebook community groups, Twitter trolls, or Insta-warriors are just some of the hurdles of the modern age when communicating information that affects everyone.
  • The election cycle: the goal posts could be changed, a project could be parked for 12 months, or dropped altogether based on the winds of political change.

How Visuals can help

  • Our methodology includes a collaborative workshop at the start of every video project called an empathy forecast. This activity is not only great for getting to the heart of your message; it’s also fantastic at getting key stakeholders aligned, which makes for a much smoother approval process once it comes time for production.

  • Images, especially visual metaphor, can be used to explain topics that might be polarising or fuel online debate. Getting the message out in a way that is consistent and articulate helps you to control the narrative, and lighten divisive debate.

  • A video hosted online can exist and have influence beyond an election; and if content is created in a modular fashion, information can be summarised, grouped, and presented in a way that can be repurposed for other channels.

  • Engaging a team that understands that sometimes projects just take a long time, and need to go through due process—at Sketch Group we get it; we’re patient, flexible, and accommodating of changing project requirements and timeframes, even if the core team changes mid-way through the project.

  • Having an outsider’s view can be a useful way to remove unconscious bias from your messaging. Our unique process will help you step away from an issue to get an outsider’s view of what matters to your audience, so the video resonates with the right people.

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