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Visual Thinking Training

New public workshops announced! Sign up to Visual Thinking Mastery in Melbourne, July 18-19.

Say goodbye to “death by PowerPoint” and hello to the power of visual thinking.

Meet Matt, your sketching sensei.

Sketch Group’s Chief Doodler, Matthew Magain, has 20 years of experience as an illustrator, graphic recorder, visual communicator and trainer. He’s the founder of the industry body for graphic recorders in Australia, founder of Australia’s largest conference series for visual thinking, has written several books on the topic, and has trained hundreds of people to embrace sketching as a powerful tool for thinking and problem-solving. He’s like the Yoda of visual thinking, but less green and more pencil-y.

In-person Training

Our in-person training courses are here to turn your team into communication and collaboration superheroes. A Sketch Group workshop is not only informative—it’s also fun, engaging, and a terrific team-building activity.

Remote Training

Don’t let distance be a barrier for your team to improve their visual thinking skills. Our remote training courses offer the same level of engagement and fun as our in-person training. All you need is a stable internet connection and a willingness to learn. No need to worry about travel or accommodation.

A trainer teaches visual thinking to a group of people in-person and via videoconference

Exclusive Tools

We partner with Graphic Gear to provide attendees with exclusive access to the Neuland® range of felt-tip pens, notebooks, and refillable markers. Not available in retail stores, these are the tools of choice for professional graphic recorders worldwide.

Get in touch and experience the benefits of visual thinking for yourself. And who knows, you might even learn how to draw a decent stick figure!

Why learn visual thinking?

  • A powerful tool for developing your own ideas
  • Create a visual record of meetings that people love
  • Own the whiteboard and take control in meetings
  • Communicate your messages more effectively
  • Collaborate with others by literally getting on the same page
  • Turn boring spreadsheets and data into rich imagery
  • Learn how to humanise customer scenarios
A trainer teaches visual thinking to a group of people in-person and via videoconference


  • Ally Goss Hearing Australia

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your class the other day. I got so much out of it and loved the simple techniques you taught us. It’s been so long since I have done anything so remotely creative, and it was just such a refreshing change.

  • Kristine Roma Services Australia

    What a great opportunity to work with you Matthew. Thank you for bringing your experience to the whiteboard and enabling everyone to find own style and their inner artist. I’ve learnt so much about the way I absorb and process information. It was really enlightening.

  • Sara Drew APNA

    It was an amazing day and although this was totally out of my comfort zone I felt very comfortable and totally enjoyed the day. Thank you Matt, you are an amazing facilitator and teacher.

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