Brisbane Graphic Recording, Illustration, and Explainer Video Production

At Sketch Group, we specialise in bringing your ideas to life with scribing, animated video, and illustration.

With our newest office in Brisbane, our graphic recording, explainer videos, visual thinking training, and illustration services can bring your idea to life.

Graphic Recording Brisbane

Our live scribing (graphic recording) services are perfect for businesses and organisations in Brisbane who want to add an extra dimension to their meeting, conference, workshop, webinar or other event. Our team of skilled graphic recorders will create visually engaging illustrations in real time. Not only does this make the event more engaging for attendees, it helps them understand and retain the content better, and gives you a visually stunning takeaway that you can share on social media, give to your speaker, or hang in the office!

Explainer Videos Brisbane

Our explainer videos and sketch videos are the perfect way to bring your business, product, or service to life in a creative and engaging way.

Our unique process of identifying the key message is what sets us apart—we do the hard work up front with you, so that the finished product at the end is something we know you’ll love—and more importantly, that has the impact you need. Our team of copywriters, illustrators, animators and producers will create something that captivates your audience and gets your message across as clearly as possible.

Visual Thinking Training Brisbane

Did you know that we don’t just do this stuff, but we teach it as well?

Our visual thinking training is designed to help teams in Brisbane develop the skills needed to think, communicate, and collaborate visually. For years, our popular workshops have helped participants go from “stick figures” to “storyboards!”, creating visual diagrams and sketches, communicating ideas, and using visual tools and templates to facilitate communication and collaboration.

Custom Illustration Brisbane

Our custom illustration services are ideal for businesses and organisations in Brisbane looking to add a touch of creativity and personality to their internal communications or external marketing materials.

Whether you need illustrations for a product roadmap, a corporate strategy, a change management project, or for social media, our team of talented illustrators can create custom images that bring your message to life in a way that stands out from the crowd.

Brisbane, let’s pick up a pen.

If it’s a graphic recording, explainer video, visual thinking training, or illustration partner you’re looking for in Brisbane, our friendly team is armed (with pen and paper) and ready.

Get in touch with our Brisbane sales team today to learn how we can help you bring your story, event, or document to life.

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