Spread the Word with a Not For Profit Sketch

If you work for a not-for-profit or charity organisation, you’ll know how hard it is to convince people to donate to a cause, change a behaviour, or get a worthy program funded.

Incorporating sketching and visual storytelling could be the approach that helps you stand out.

The Challenges of Communicating a Cause

We’ve had the good fortune of partnering with a number of not-for-profit organisations over the years. Some of the challenges for getting your message across include:

  • The need to invoke empathy and an emotional response from an audience
  • How to depict sensitive content in a way that does not risk triggering those impacted by the topic at hand, or offend those with lived experience
  • When encouraging donation, overcoming charity fatigue and standing out among the sea of other worthy causes
  • How to accurately depict diversity—in age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and ability—and do so in a culturally sensitive way
  • How to articulate what is often a highly nuanced or unique niche that your organisation fills, or what may be an innovative way of serving your community
  • Having compelling data that supports action needed, but finding it difficult to communicate that data in a way that audiences can relate

How Visuals can Help

  • Our diverse team of illustrators each has their own unique style. By matching your project to the right illustrator for your message, you can be sure that the style of illustration for your video will match the message, and evoke the right emotions in your audience.

  • If the subject matter being tackled is confronting or difficult to film, our team are talented at creating visuals that allude to concepts, or depicting situations using visual metaphor, so you can get your message across without showing more than is appropriate.

  • The best way to combat charity fatigue is to create a video that is unlike any other video—we love pushing the envelope of the medium, and experimenting with innovative production techniques beyond a whiteboard and marker, to create a video that stands out—for all the right reasons.

  • We’ve been drawing human beings from all walks of life for years. If it’s important that specific ethnicities be represented in your video, we have the experience to capture the characters in your story with respect and cultural sensitivity.

  • We take the time to really understand what your business is about. Our empathy forecast workshop is an incredibly powerful activity for uncovering the stories that will get your message across to the right people.

  • Communicating data using simple visuals can make it easier to understand, relatable, and even rule out ambiguity.

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