Protecting A Brand’s Usage Guidelines

Reinforcing the language, terms, and usage of an established brand, while keeping it fun.

A page full of coloured VELCRO® brand hook and loop sticky dots. In the centre reads: VELCRO® Brand. There is only one.

The Challenge for VELCRO®

VELCRO® is a known and respected brand around the world. But the trademark is often misused, and the language used by suppliers and customers when describing the range of products can be inconsistent and wrong. The VELCRO® team wanted to educate people in the correct way to use the brand, and do so in an engaging and understandable way.

At a Glance

  • Project: Branding Guidelines for VELCRO®
  • Client: VELCRO®
  • Delivered: March 2017
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Category: Explainer Video, Manufacturing
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“The problem that faced VELCRO® Brand was trying to educate our distributors that we are a brand and that we should not be referred to as a noun or adjective. We wanted to ensure that our trademark was protected and displayed in the correct manner at all times, when referring to our genuine hook and loop fasteners.”

Our Approach to Communicating Brand Guidelines

We opted to use a carrot rather than a stick when it came to educating users on how to refer to the VELCRO® Brand trademark. We knew that creating a fun, light-hearted and engaging video would illuminate problems and solutions with a smile.

We facilitated an empathy forecast session to gain clarity on the VELCRO® Brand and the message. The exercise also shed some light on how distributors and partners feel about the brand, and some assumptions that they make. We used the outcomes of this activity to distil the language and key points that needed to be in the video, to ensure the desired message would be heard, supported and remembered.

Our Solution for VELCRO®

Because we shoot our sketch videos in a studio, rather than utilising a software tool to mimic a hand bouncing around on screen, we are able to bring additional items onto the canvas other than just a pen and paper. In this case, it made perfect sense for us to use some of the much loved and instantly recognisable VELCRO® Brand products, and combine them with sketching to bring the messages to life in a unique, memorable, and colourful way.

The Outcome: A Stronger Brand

The video was well received by the client, and was a success with distribution partners as well—anecdotally, the client has seen a decrease in the number of partners that discuss, promote, or request VELCRO® Brand products incorrectly after watching the video. And the client now has a video resource that will be used for many years to come to protect their brand, image, and trust in their products.

The client liked it so much it went from being an Australian production, to being re-voiced and edited for the American market as well

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