The SketchStrategy Program

If you’re in a rush, our unique SketchStrategy™ program might be just the ticket.

Working with a designer or illustrator can often be frustrating and long-winded. Feedback rounds take time, and there are often too many of them required to get the final solution just right.

The SketchStrategy™ program short-cuts this process, and ensures that everyone is literally on the same page in the moment. The program follows a highly effective process that is built upon two fundamental truths:

  1. Creativity loves a constraint. If we had unlimited time, money, and resources, we’d never get anything finished. By committing to work to an ambitious deadline, everyone (including your key stakeholders) becomes more decisive and steps up to get it done.
  2. Visualising an idea is the best way to evolve it. When we see a picture of something that we’ve previously only talked about, it can trigger new thoughts and a different relationship with the idea. But you need someone to be able to draw your concepts— which is where we come in.

Together we co-create a rough but compelling sketch of your idea that you can use for engagement, affirmation, reflection, or to communicate your findings to the intended audience.

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