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How we helped an award-winning production company create an effective training module for caregivers and medical professionals about deprescribing medication.

Fire Films is an award-winning production company that specialises in creating science and health documentaries.

The Fire Films crew needed a smart and simple way to explain the acronym “CEASE” to participants so they better understood the process for the deprescribing of medication. Mnemonics like CEASE are helpful for caregivers and patients alike, so ensuring that CEASE was well-known and understood would make it more likely that it would be applied.

At a Glance

  • Project: Deprescribing Medication Video
  • Client: Fire Films
  • Delivered: May 2019
  • Duration: 2 months
  • Category: Health, Explainer Videos
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A Process for Excellence

  1. Discovery

    During this phase, our famous Empathy Forecast workshop will help us understand your audience, your key message, as well as getting everyone aligned.

  2. Concept

    Our professional scriptwriting team will work with you to turn insights from the initial workshop into a snappy script that communicates your key points.

  3. Create

    In this stage, we explore character development, themes, and visual storytelling, captured as a storyboard for you to review and help us refine.

  4. Magic

    Once the words and pictures and signed off, we’ll book a date in our studio where voiceover, music, sound effects, and post-production animations come together.

  5. Launch

    In this final step, we’ll deliver your finished product and any supporting assets, and optionally work with you on a roadmap for hosting and promotion.

Our Approach

We’d worked with Fire Films before, having created two videos for their dementia awareness training modules, so we had a good rapport right from kick-off.

While Fire Films use live footage and interviews for the bulk of the training modules, when it came to describing the acronym CEASE, they came to us and knew that a sketch video would be perfect in simplifying the complex message. The sketch aesthetic was deemed to be a perfect for explaining material to a wide audience, when clarity and ease of understanding is paramount.

Our process is quite collaborative, so the client felt very involved in shaping the imagery and visual storytelling components, while still being happy to defer to our expertise when needed.

Our Solution

The final product is a resource that both educates and informs. It traverses the nuances of a topic that can be emotive or challenging for those in the midst of being unwell, and spells out the important steps in a clear, memorable fashion.

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