When is a T-shirt more than a T-shirt?

How we helped an Aboriginal-led not-for-profit amplify a community program that gets people moving—and adds years to their lives.

The Challenge

The Clothing The Gaps Foundation is an independent Aboriginal-led not for profit run by Public Health practitioners. It exists to get Aboriginal people and Communities moving so that years are added to Aboriginal people’s lives.

The team at Clothing the Gaps approached us to help explain what Clothing The Gap Foundation was to the wider public. And also, to illustrate how buying merchandise at their clothing stores was far bigger than a simple retail purchase.

At a Glance

  • Project: The movement that encourages movement
  • Client: Clothing The Gaps Foundation
  • Delivered: March 2021
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Category: Healthcare, Not-for-profit, Education, Explainer Video
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Our Approach

We always get excited when we receive an enquiry from an organisation of which we are big fans.

So when the founders of Clothing the Gaps contacted us on a recommendation, we were stoked. After a phone call with one of the co-founders about what they needed, and establishing that we could help, we met in person at our office for an empathy forecast workshop.

This workshop helps us clarify the audience, the challenges that are being faced and the reason why a video is the right strategy. We learn from the source what the issues were, where the confusion lay and what we needed to do to help educate and enlighten the broader community.

Our Solution

Our solution was pretty simple.

We asked the question: “Can A Tee make impact?” and then explained why it could.

Sometimes a t-shirt is more than a t-shirt. For Clothing The Gaps products, the very act of buying that t-shirt supports an organisation and a cause far bigger than an individual and his or her fashion needs.

Clothing the Gaps is more than a successful fashion label, it’s merch with a message—and a new, very successful way of doing business.

The Outcome

The end product was a powerful, engaging, colourful video. It was voiced by one of the Clothing the Gaps team members, who brought a youthful, truthful feeling to a compelling story.

This video lives on the Clothing the Gaps Foundation website, and continues to support the movement that encourages movement. Building on the success of the original campaign, we created a second video for the Clothing The Gaps team about the Mob Run This Program.

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