Strategic Sketches to Align the Team

Having a clear strategy—and communicating it well—is crucial for success, whether you’re working in internal comms at a large corporation, or leading a startup business.

At Sketch Group, we thrive on turning your vision, mission, values, roadmap, or change management strategy into a simple yet powerful image that will reinforce the message. Isn’t it time you got everyone literally on the same page?

How We Can Help

All of our customers exist at some stage of what we call the Communication Continuum. Whether your idea is a half-baked, nebulous concept or a fully-formed vision, we can help ensure that your audience finds the clarity they need to take the action you want them to take.

Identify the problem

If you’re not 100% clear on what you want to say, then your target audience will also be lost.

Get clarity on your approach

Our workshops and visualisation sessions can help to identify the messages and stories needed to bring your idea to life.

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Translate to key channels

We can translate your message into print, social media, video, and other formats to get it across.

Reinforce your message at events

We can also support your events with graphic recording, ensuring your attendees are engaged and receptive.

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Your audience “gets it”

With a well-planned campaign, your target audience will have that all-important light bulb moment for themselves.

During the 10+ years that we’ve worked on strategy, internal communications, and change management projects, we’ve seen just about every possible hurdle there is. Things like:

Challenges with Communicating Strategy

  • Relatable concepts: it may be that your metaphor for describing how to get everyone on board captures things perfectly… but how do you make your message memorable if others don’t relate to it?
  • Consistency: your leadership team may do a good job of articulating the vision, roadmap, or strategy for the next 5 years… but how can you be sure that others do as good a job when bringing their own teams up to speed?
  • Different viewpoints: it’s not uncommon for those on the frontline to have a completely different view of what’s working, what’s not, and what the priorities to fix things should be.
  • Change fatigue: if employees have been with you for years, chances are they’ll have seen attempts at change that haven’t succeeded, and are feeling jaded—how can you get them to see that this time is different?

The Power of Strategic Visuals

  • Our methodology includes a collaborative workshop at the start of every video project called an empathy forecast. This activity is not only great for getting to the heart of your message; it’s also fantastic at getting key stakeholders aligned, which makes for a much smoother approval process once it comes time for production.

  • Images, especially visual metaphor, can be used to explain topics that might be polarising or fuel online debate. Getting the message out in a way that is consistent and articulate helps you to control the narrative, while still keeping it fun.

  • A video hosted online ensures a consistent message is rolled out; and if content is created in a modular fashion, information can be summarised, grouped, and presented in a way that can be repurposed for other channels.

  • Engaging a team that understands that sometimes projects just take a long time, and need to go through due process—at Sketch Group we get it; we’re patient, flexible, and accommodating of changing project requirements and timeframes, even if the core team changes mid-way through the project.

  • Having an outsider’s view can be a useful way to remove unconscious bias from your messaging. Our unique process will help you step away from an issue to get an outsider’s view of what matters to your audience, so the video resonates with the right people.

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