Explainer Videos for Healthcare

Looking for a way to get your health-related message across to patients, staff, board members, or the general public?

Visual Health Promotion

We help allied health professionals, hospital leadership teams, PHNs, and others distil their important message into a clear piece of communication. Then we turn it into a snappy animated video that’s compelling and easy to understand.

Example Videos

Some recent projects that we’ve worked on for clients in the Healthcare sector.

How to Use Videos in Health Communications

The possibilities for how you could apply video in your communication are limitless. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Educating patients on how to care for themselves and their loved ones
  • Giving instructions to practitioners on how to use a medical instrument
  • Communicating progress that has been made on a project to management or to the board
  • Turning an academic paper or study into a format that is more accessible to a wider audience
  • Summarising the role that a department or organisation plays as part of a large ecosystem
  • Public service announcements or internal instructions on how to stay safe (e.g. from CoVid-19)
  • Arming refugees or immigrants with the tools they need to make the most out of a visit to their GP
  • Describing the process someone should follow when interacting with a health provider
  • Empowering people suffering from mental health challenges with tools and steps to follow in order to get the help they need
  • Inspiring health professionals and the public about new research findings
Shannai Pearce Black Dog Institute

We have had quite a few projects completed with Sketch Group, and each time the team has gone above and beyond.

Jocelyn Lippey University of Melbourne

Motivated, energetic, hard working and accomodating. We have been incredibly happy!

Darren Stuchbery 6S Physio

Friendly personal service. Can’t think of anything that could have been done better. At all.

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Our clients love the work we do together.

We know that the impact that good visuals can have on your business is enormous—but we also appreciate that good customer service makes everything smoother and more fun.

We’re very proud of our track record for customer satisfaction. Happy clients make us happy!

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