Graphic Recording for Education

Graphic recording can capture everyone’s attention, whether it’s in the classroom or the boardroom.


Learning Made Visual

Graphic recording is the process of taking visual notes in real time.

We all learn in different ways, so why not give your audience another channel to absorb your content, stay engaged, and ponder new ideas based on the images created?

How Graphic Recording can Help

Everyone loves watching someone draw, so having someone use visuals to interpret your presentation or group conversation in real-time adds a whole dimension to your live event.

  • Images, especially visual metaphor, can be used to explain difficult concepts
  • Data and numbers can be made relatable and easier to understand
  • Jargon can be more easily identified by an outsider, then it can be explained (or substituted for a more easily understood phrase)
  • Information can be summarised, grouped, and presented as a visual story that piques the interest of the audience—at the end of the video, they can be directed to a website or other resource to find out more
  • Key steps can be grouped, folded into a mnemonic device, or arranged spatially on the page in a way that is easier to remember

Read more about the different types of graphic recording.

Events that clients use us to capture

  • Visualising lecture content as an alternative avenue for different learning styles
  • Sketchnoting podcast and TED-style presentations
  • Summarising text content with visuals for improved retention and recall
  • Creating visual interpretations for use on social media

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