Graphic Recording for Financial Services

Graphic recording takes your financial presentation, conference, or workshop from “uh-oh” to “whoah!”

Making Finance Facts Fun

If you work in financial services, you’ll know that getting people engaged at events or on webinars can be challenging. When meeting in person, the expectations of today’s attendees for a conference extend beyond just having an engaging speaker and a free bottle of water. And when the event runs online, expectations are even harder to meet.

Additionally, CFOs, accountants, even CEOs can be guilty of going into too much detail or bombarding the audience with PowerPoint slides full of numbers and charts, and assuming that it’s enough for the information to sink in.

Graphic recording—having an illustrator capture your content in real-time, and broadcast so attendees can see the illustration come to life during the talk—is one way of making a financial services event, whether in person or online, much more engaging and interactive.

Learn about the different types of graphic recording.

The Challenges of Events in the Finance Industry

Our years of experience working with clients in finance services has taught us that there are a number of challenges when organising an event that encourages engagement and is well received by attendees. These include:

  • Presenters effectively explaining financial concepts to an audience with different levels of financial literacy
  • Keeping attendees engaged for extended periods of time
  • Catering to different learning styles
  • Relying on data, numbers, or charts, rather than humanising the data in a way that the audience can relate
  • Cramming too much detail into a presentation, when the audience realistically only has an appetite (and attention span) for a short summary of the topic
  • Communicating advice that contains a large number of steps, and is therefore potentially difficult to absorb or remember
  • Keeping people interested and engaged after the event is over

How Graphic Recording can Help

Everyone loves watching someone draw, so having someone use visuals to interpret your presentation or group conversation in real-time adds a whole dimension to your live event.

  • Images, especially visual metaphor, can be used to explain difficult concepts
  • Data and numbers can be made relatable and easier to understand
  • Jargon can be more easily identified by an outsider, then it can be explained (or substituted for a more easily understood phrase)
  • Information can be summarised, grouped, and presented as a visual story that piques the interest of the audience—at the end of the video, they can be directed to a website or other resource to find out more

Events that our clients use us to capture

  • Marketing and awareness information webinars
  • Investor updates
  • Sketching presentations & conversations at staff conference 
  • Visualising customer engagement days

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