Graphic Recording for Healthcare

Bring the power of real-time visualisation to your conference, research, or other event.

You Are What You See

By capturing key information in real-time through visuals and drawings, a graphic recorder can help to create a more engaging and memorable experience for patients, staff members, and other stakeholders. A graphic recorder can also help to highlight important themes or trends in data, making it easier for healthcare professionals to identify patterns and make informed decisions.

Additionally, the visual nature of graphic recording can help to promote collaboration and teamwork among healthcare professionals, encouraging them to work together to achieve common goals.

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to share our experiences of graphically recording a range of healthcare events for other clients. The presence of a graphic recorder in the room can help to improve communication, enhance collaboration, and ultimately, provide better care to patients.

Learn about the different types of graphic recording.

Events that clients use us to capture

  • Visualising conferences & workshops
  • Vox pop of staff at celebratory events
  • Capturing research sessions with consumers
Shannai Pearce Black Dog Institute

We have had quite a few projects completed with Sketch Group, and each time the team has gone above and beyond.

Jocelyn Lippey University of Melbourne

Motivated, energetic, hard working and accomodating. We have been incredibly happy!

Darren Stuchbery 6S Physio

Friendly personal service. Can’t think of anything that could have been done better. At all.

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Our clients love the work we do together.

We know that the impact that good visuals can have on your business is enormous—but we also appreciate that good customer service makes everything smoother and more fun.

We’re very proud of our track record for customer satisfaction. Happy clients make us happy!

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