Remote Scribing

Unleash the power of visual storytelling and make your virtual events truly memorable with our remote scribing services. Whether it’s a virtual conference, online workshop, or webinar, our skilled graphic recorders will capture your ideas, discussions, and presentations in real-time, right on their tablet over the videoconferencing platform of choice.

Why choose Remote Scribing?

  1. Engaging Real-time Visuals: Transform your virtual events with captivating visual notes that keep your audience engaged throughout the session.
  2. Enhanced Understanding: Visual representations help your participants understand complex concepts better, leading to improved knowledge retention.
  3. Live Collaboration: Our graphic recorders work in real-time, enabling seamless collaboration and immediate feedback during your event.
  4. Customised Approach: We tailor our services to suit your event’s specific needs, ensuring that the visuals align perfectly with your brand and message.

How It Works:

  1. Pre-Event Consultation: We will discuss your event’s objectives, themes, and any specific areas you want us to focus on during the session.
  2. Live Scribing: On the day of your event, our talented graphic recorders will join your virtual platform (e.g., Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams) and start capturing the key points and ideas visually.
  3. Post-Event Deliverables: Within 48 hours of your event’s conclusion, we will provide you with high-quality digital copies of the scribed visuals for sharing and future reference.

Why Our Clients Love Us:

Matt was one of the highlights of Fusion 18. His work was a conversation starter and really helped to focus the audience.

Deb Lemcke, International Association of Business Communicators

Matt’s illustrations were key to engagement in the conversation—they enabled people to collectively review and discuss. The novelty (for many) raised the energy in the room and assisted people to confirm the work we did and the agreements made. We have already started using the illustrations is our related documents.

Louise Payne, Children & Youth Area Partnerships

Ready to elevate your virtual events with dynamic remote scribing? Contact us today to discuss your upcoming event, and let us take care of transforming your ideas into stunning visuals that leave a lasting impact on your audience. Together, let’s make your virtual events unforgettable!

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