An illustration of Gaetano Greco, surrounded by a number of speech bubbles all saying "Hello" in different languages. A banner above him reads "Independent Candidate"

Sketch Group’s YouTube Channel to be Archived by State Library of Victoria

Matthew Magain Chief Doodler
Read Time: 2 mins

Sketch Group’s YouTube channel has been chosen by the State Library of Victoria for inclusion in the Pandora project, a growing collection of Australian online publications, established initially by the National Library of Australia in 1996, and now built in collaboration with nine other Australian libraries and cultural collecting organisations.

The Library had been gathering online publications, including video and other media, pertinent to the 2022 Victorian State Election and identified the campaign video that we created for independent candidate Gaetano Greco’s campaign as being particularly worthy of inclusion in the archive.

Gaetano Greco ran as an independent in the seat of Preston, and was successful in attracting 13.73% of the primary vote—just 300 votes shy of the Greens candidate, Patchouli Paterson. The close count meant that an electronic recount was necessary, and it was 12 days before the winner was announced: Labor’s Nathan Lambert had successfully beaten the Greens by a narrow margin. The resulting count was a 21% swing away from Labor—the lion’s share of this which can be attributed to Gaetano’s performance.

The inclusion of Gaetano Greco’s campaign video in the Pandora Web Archive ensures that Australians have access to their documentary heritage, such as this video, now and in the future.

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