When it Comes to Reimagining Events, Every Bit Counts

Matthew Magain Chief Doodler
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What a delightful experience it was to be part of the launch of Every Bit Counts, an innovative events and advisory company dedicated to crafting gatherings that respect both the attendees’ time, their money, and the planet.

The commitment to sustainability and thoughtful elements of the experience made for a huge success.

Held outdoors, the event was graced with perfect weather, adding a touch of serenity and comfort for everyone involved. Held at the Linden New Art gallery, the setting was nothing short of gorgeous. The gallery’s artwork and beautifully manicured gardens provided a vibrant backdrop, complementing the event’s ethos of creativity and innovation.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the evening was the eclectic and fascinating mix of people it attracted. From clients and collaborators to changemakers from various fields, the diversity in attendance fostered engaging conversations and unexpected connections. This blend of perspectives highlighted the inclusive nature of Every Bit Counts and their approach to event management.

A unique highlight of the evening (if I do say so myself!) was the graphic recording canvas that we created, which came with an imaginative twist. While the brief speeches were visually captured, the real hero of the show was our invitation to attendees to respond to a thought-provoking prompt as they entered the space. These responses were then visualised in real-time on the canvas, turning individual thoughts into a collective masterpiece. This interactive element not only engaged the audience but also showcased the power of visual storytelling in capturing the essence of an event.

The responses we received were as diverse as the attendees themselves. From serious political statements and optimistic global ambitions to whimsical indulgences and nonsensical dreams, the spectrum of ideas was both enlightening and entertaining. It underscored the event’s theme of valuing every bit of input and the importance of dreaming big, no matter how outlandish or pragmatic those dreams might be.

The launch event for Every Bit Counts was not just an evening to remember; it was a testament to their vision of reimagining events. It was a joy and an inspiration to be a part of something so forward-thinking and impactful, and set a high bar for what can be achieved when creativity, inclusivity, and sustainability are at the heart of event planning.

Huge kudos to Kate and the Every Bit Counts team, and here’s to many more collaborations!

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