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Are you ready for a Resolution Retreat?

Matthew Magain Chief Doodler
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PictureSketch Videos want to help you make (and keep) your New Year Resolution.
So we’ve come up with a special deal, to help you do just that.
We call it our Resolution Retreat
Because sometimes, to come up with plans and big ideas, you need to step away from the everyday. Even just for a moment.

The Resolution Retreat works like this:
You gather your key people together. Block out an hour or so of their time. You’re thinking about strategy; about the year ahead; what 2017 can mean for you business. Now is the time to do it.
To amp up the creativity flow, to help harness ideas and visually represent you need a graphic facilitator
Graphic facilitation helps with clarity, engagement and creativity. It provides group memory and gives a great visual overview of all you have worked on and discussed.
Our Resolution Retreat Offer means that once you book a graphic facilitator through us (all of whom are trained, tested and terrific) you’ll also get afree digital poster based on your session, that you can share with the rest of your team, refer to, reflect on, and work from. This poster is more than just a photograph of the session sketch—we’ll polish it in Photoshop to get it looking crisp and ready to share on your intranet, email, or social media. Normally we charge $500 for this poster, but if you book and pay for your ‘Resolution Retreat’ before the end of February, you’ll get it for free.

Set youself up for a terrific 2017 with Sketch Videos’ Resolution Retreat.

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