Visual Thinking Mastery: In Pursuit of Sketching Superpowers

Matthew Magain Chief Doodler
Read Time: 2 mins

Are you:

  • tired of boring meetings that end up being talk-fests?
  • wishing you could take better notes that people would actually look at?
  • looking for ways to think, communicate, and collaborate better?
  • wondering how to use that professional development budget that you need to spend before EOFY?

Boy, do I have the workshop for you! Join us on July 18-19, as we dive deep into the world of Visual Thinking. I’ll take you from “I can’t even draw stick figures” to “BAM! Look at that! Mic drop… err, I mean, pencil drop”

Here’s the link to join us.

We’ll start small, and over the course of two days build up to tackling big, universal, everyday challenges, like:

  • drawing abstract concepts
  • finding the right visual metaphor to pull out of a conversation
  • using sketching to facilitate a group discussion
  • taking real-time visual notes of an audio track
  • creating storyboards to bring data and research to life

I promise it will be a creative, practical, and extraordinarily useful couple of days. Past attendees rave about this workshop:

“Thank you for bringing your experience to the whiteboard and enabling everyone to find own style and their inner artist. I’ve learnt so much about the way I absorb and process information. It was really enlightening.”

Once again, here’s that signup link. See you in class?

(And if you think somebody you know would be into this, send it their way!)

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