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Do product specifications have to be boring?

Matthew Magain Chief Doodler
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At Sketch Group we say no

We’ve done a lot of work with VELCRO® Brand this year—sketch videos, motion graphics … We’ve used some physical props to make a sketch video three dimensional. And of course, we’ve incorporated some of their fabulous products on screen.

This latest video is part of a series of five videos created to explain VELCRO® Brand products—the uses, the specifications, some commonly asked questions … and of course: the correct answers to these questions.

Each video had three distinct parts:

  • The first one showed the products in action. Our illustrator Sarah decided to use her hands as a part of the video, interacting with the products and showing them off.
  • Then came a question-and-answer component, presented in a game show format.
  • Finally, the specifications are listed.

It’s a perfect example of how to show off the technical elements of the VELCRO® Brand Ties and Wraps.

You could say, we’re wrapped with it.


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