EOFY Video PLUS Offer 

Matthew Magain Chief Doodler
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It’s that time again: the End of Financial Year.

It can be a time of lots of paperwork, PDFs and mass emails.

Or it can be much more interesting. It can be Visual. Dynamic. Involving. Educational. Arresting.

Until the end of May, Sketch Videos is offering a special deal for those clients wanting to show off rather than just tell.

If you book in an EOFY video to illustrate your Annual Report then we will also provide you with a free hand-sketched infographic to be used in conjunction with your video. A cover page for your Annual Report, a hand-out, whatever you need.

So to spice up your Chairperson’s Report, CEO Statement, Yearly Highlights, or Information for Shareholders package.

Contact us and let’s get sketchy.

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