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Happy 5th Birthday to Us!

Matthew Magain Chief Doodler
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​This August, Sketch Videos hits a very important milestone. 
We’re turning FIVE.
That’s five years of sketchy goodness.
Five years of scripting, shooting and sound mixing.
Five years of developing and refining our processes.
Five years of creativity and crafting.
And it keeps getting better.


​In five years, we’ve grown our team from two, to a number in the tweens.
We’ve finessed our expertise and experience in co-creating great videos with our fabulous clients, and introduced new sketchy things too. We draw posters and postcards, and live sketching – an aspect of the business that has grown in leaps and bounds this past year.
Sketch Videos now has a talented and energetic graphic recording and graphic facilitation team, and it’s continuing to grow.
So to everyone we’ve worked with, thankyou.
It’s been a wonderful journey so far.  We really have enjoyed it all.
And we look forward to many more sketchy times together in the future

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