Making the most of your Video

Matthew Magain Chief Doodler
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So, you’ve got yourself a fabulous video.
What next?
Well, you need to put it somewhere that people can find it.
YouTube. Vimeo. Facebook. Instagram. LinkedIn. Your blog. Your Website.
And if it is on your business website – then where?
It’s all depends on what you want to say, to whom.
YouTube is huge. Vimeo more targeted. Facebook and Instagram if you already have a following or want to grow one. LinkedIn for better business. And bonus content on your blog can be very worthwhile.
Your own website is often the most obvious place to embed your video. That way it’s available for people who already visit, and it’s also a great way for more people to find you.
Make sure you share your video by your other social media outlets. Tweet it. Snap it. Encourage others to share. The more eyes on your video, the more effective your messaging will be.
A video is not an island.

No matter where the video is hosted, you need to make a good impression with the information surrounding it.
Make sure you have a catchy title.  A gripping description. A thumbnail image that excites and encourages viewing.
Respond to comments. Interact with your audience. Your video is hopefully the starting point of new conversations and relationships.
Oh. And don’t forget to keep a copy of your video on your laptop, smart phone or tablet. There are times we’re not wifi connected and being able to show your video in an lift, a basement, or on a car trip proves that while you might not be connected, you can still make good connections.

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