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Sketch Posters

Matthew Magain Chief Doodler
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​When you can blog, gif, meme, podcast, vodcast, periscope – you might find yourself asking….
What’s so good about posters?


Posters very reason for being is to say ‘Look at me, look at me’!
They’re great at getting people to remember and retain information.
A sharp image, pointed remarks, a pithy tag line – the clearer you can be with your message, the more likely it is someone will remember it.
Less words. More Wow!
Humans need to communicate. And art, is communication. Posters, are smart art.
And they’re not just for sticking on walls anymore. Or sides of buildings. Or waiting rooms. They’re for tweeting. For instagraming. For putting on Facebook. LinkedIn. Pinterest. A poster can be posted.
Clear, concise, visual messaging that has a life physically and virtually.
The poster remains a cost-effective way of communicating with your target audience.


At Sketch Videos we make posters from your live talks, from your brief, or to accompany your video. In short, whatever you need a poster for, we’re here to sketch it!

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