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Matthew Magain Chief Doodler
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PictureIt’s October 2017 and we’ve just re-branded.

There’s a good reason….

In the five years since Matt made his very first Sketch Video in his next door neighbours’ living room, Sketch Videos has grown so much (you can see the original video here).

We’ve added to the team more talented illustrators, researched the science behind why drawing is such a powerful tool, learnt new techniques for illustration, and changed the way we shoot and edit our videos.

But more than that, we now sketch more than videos.

We sketch posters and live events. We graphic facilitate and visualise with pen in hand. We sketch postcards, book bindings and notepads.

We’ve grown into a team that are devoted to making whatever you want sketched, the best sketch possible.

We’re more than videos.
We’re a Sketch Group.

Committed communicators helping you get your message out there.

So, we sketched ourselves a new name.
Sketch Group.

New Name. Same Great Idea.

Simple, smart sketches that bring your story to life – on film, on paper or live at your event.

Sketch Group – we look forward to doing business with you.

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