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Draw Your Own Conclusions…

Matthew Magain Chief Doodler
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.You spent a lot of time, effort and money gathering your clients and team together for meetings and conferences.
There’s an agenda, perhaps a facilitator, certainly someone to run the meeting.
​Ideas are thrown about, key topics discussed, off-topic ramblings and revelations occur and at the end of the day, everyone goes away remembering parts of what was said, but with no commonality or focus.
There’s another way.
Live sketching.
Live sketching is becoming a really important service we offer at Sketch Videos. Be that Graphic facilitation, Graphic recording or visual note-taking. Live sketchers who capture the topics and mood of your conference and conversations.
Live sketching helps bring form to the ideas discussed. It provides structure and clarity. Focus. It SHOWS where the conversation is going and recognizes the contributions of participants.
It’s a big boost to your event.
And, importantly, when the meeting is over, when the conference lights go down, people leave with a clear idea about what was discussed, what was highlighted, what was resolved. 
Drawing your meeting to a close in the best possible way.

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