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Stand Up & Show Off

Matthew Magain Chief Doodler
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PictureThere’s a lot that goes into making a successful presentation.
Tone. Content. Confidence. Humour. Audience. And visuals.

Visuals give your talk that much needed edge.

They help colour your complicated concepts, illustrate your ideas and massage your messaging.
Clever graphics can spark up conversations and really show your audience exactly what you want them to see.
They can excite people. Engage them. Show AND Tell.

And Good visuals are soooooo much more than what you get on a traditional Powerpoint. Good visuals are targeted and terrific. Bespoke, original and totally on point. Just like your talk.

Sketch Videos have recently worked with some medical researchers to help showcase their research at an international conference. By creating some some ‘mini-videos’ that show what their research has revealed, we really added value to their talk.

Tailor-made images really personalise your presentation. And, they can take the pressure off everyone watching you the whole time!!

So, if you’re after a presentation that will present EVERYTHING in a good light, talk to us and see what value we can add to your talk.

PictureOh! One more thing!

​Once the magic of your presentation has ended, your audience doesn’t have to leave empty handed. Why not take some of your visual images, embed your key messages and craft a hand-out so good it will be handed around and around.

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