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Our Matt Is Flying High

Matthew Magain Chief Doodler
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Later this month, our Chief Sketcher Matt is flying to Georgia, USA to deliver a session at the 22nd Annual International Forum of Visual Practitioners Conference.

The IFVP Conference a four-day live event for visual practitioners from around the world and provides community building and professional development.
Matt’s talk is titled – From Canvas to Camera: How to Make your Own Sketch Video

In his hands-on session, Matt will explain to the audience the process we use to make our much-loved Sketch Videos. He’ll share his insights as well as some top tips and tools for creating a professional sketch video. 
Matt’s also going to attend a lot of the other sessions at the conference, and we can’t wait until he gets back and shares with us some of the latest techniques, technologies and talking-points from the Sketching World.

Then, we can share them with you.

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