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Easter Egg Discoveries

Matthew Magain Chief Doodler
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While the most delicious Easter Eggs are definitely the chocolate sort, there is another type of Easter Egg that’s also pretty fabulous.
When it comes to games or movies, an Easter Egg refers to a joke or reference hidden in a scene. Something like Alfred Hitchcock appearing in a cameo role in most of his films, or a toy Nemo popping up in Monsters Inc.
At Sketch Videos, we make a lot of videos for companies that are only seen within the organization. Internal videos that explain processes and procedures, new structures or management styles.
They are RIPE for Easter Eggs.
For inside jokes that are known by those within the business. For something that stamps the video as uniquely yours. Showing the distinctive carpet in the foyer, drawing that strange painting hanging in reception, sketching in the canteen.
You know your business best – so show it off with a smile.
For a great list of Movie Easter Eggs – check out this list.
And meanwhile, enjoy some chocolate ones!

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