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Matthew Magain Chief Doodler
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​Being visible has never been more important for your business. 
And we’re not just talking about being visible in terms of tweets and blogs and words and a strong online presence. But visible in terms of visuals.
Videos. Animations. Illustrations. Photos. GIFs. Sketches. Infographics.
​All these add to your online portfolio – the brand you represent to your existing and potential clients. 


The evidence is clear.
YouTube reports that mobile video consumption rises 100% each year
Facebook posts with images have 2.3 times more engagement than those without.
Adding video to emails can increase their open rates by 19% and the click through rates by 50%
There’s that well known old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”.
Well, moving pictures multiply that figure into the hundreds of thousands. 
And more people would prefer to watch a video than read text.
You don’t need 20:20 vision to know that good visuals are the way of the future.
Great visuals support and enhance what you do.
So make them your own. Personalise them. Make them relevant to your business. Your messages.
Let us help you have a strong vision for the future. 

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