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Remote Scribing for Virtual Impact

Matthew Magain Chief Doodler
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As the novel coronavirus brings the world to its knees, we’re seeing many of our clients be impacted. It seems no industry is immune, but the events industry in particular is suffering—conferences, workshops, and other large gatherings of people are being forced to cancel, which is devastating for event organisers, speakers, and attendees. Perhaps it’s affected your company as well? 


Debbie, one of our remote scribes, remotely captures an event on her iPad.

If you’re planning an event and it’s looking like you may be forced to cancel, you may want to consider hosting a virtual event instead. Tools like Zoom and WebEx have made videoconferencing much more affordable and accessible than it used to be, and there are plenty of steps you can take to ensure your virtual event is successful (see 8 Tips To Host Live Online Training Events).

There’s one more tip that I’d like to suggest: engage a remote scribe

Remote scribing works much the same as having a graphic recorder there in the room—we’ll live sketch the conversation as we hear it, using an iPad or similar device, which can be projected in the room (if you have any local attendees) or shared in real time with virtual attendees.

The same benefits apply as if your graphic recorder was on site—real-time visuals spark new ideas, attendees are more engaged, and you’re left with a colourful, rich record of the conversation. But it can happen from anywhere! As long as you have an internet connection, there’s no reason why your event can’t continue as planned, with attendees located across the country, or around the world.

If you’d like to hear more about how remote scribing can help make your virtual event a success, whether it’s for an entire day, or just a one-hour meeting, shoot us an email or call us on 1300 SKETCH

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