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Thunder. Lightening. Brainstorm.

Matthew Magain Chief Doodler
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Generally, before a project comes to us at Sketch Video HQ, there’s been a lot of internal brainstorming at the clients very own HQ. A lot of questions about what and why and who and how.

​We are always thrilled when the creativity of clients leads them to us.
​Because then we get to build on our client’s creativity and add lashings of our own. 

PictureBut how best to brainstorm?
There’s agreat article by Art Markmanthat has telling insight into what works in brainstorming sessions. And what doesn’t.

Simply put, the first person to speak to the topic in a traditional brainstorming session sets the tone for the entire  meeting. So the group focus around that first idea, which is often a narrow, singular view that doesn’t even begin to harness the potential in the room.
So the solution?
Do some work BEFORE you get everyone in the same room. That way you get people to think about the problem separately and come up ideas before a group works to together to create the ultimate solution (divergence before convergence, if you will).

And then you’ll really have a brainstorm.

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