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To Draw or Not to Draw.                           It’s not even a question.

Matthew Magain Chief Doodler
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We can all draw. Really. We can.
When we start out in life, drawing is just one of those things we can do.
We don’t even need to be taught. It’s not like reading and writing.
It’s just a thing most kids innately do.
​Pick up a pencil, a crayon, a texta and off you go.


And there are massive benefits to drawing.
It helps explain the world. It helps you figure things out.
It helps with creativity and individuality and imagination.
Drawing helps you to problem solve, to find new ways of doing things.
It forces you to challenge yourself, to realise that mistakes are part of the process and often, the mistakes are just opportunities you hadn’t thought of.
Drawing helps to notice the world around us. Both big and small.
The detail and the essence.
​It can literally give us perspective.
And it’s relaxing.
We all know the massive popularity of adult colouring-in books.
They tap into that mindfulness, that stress-release, that big breath out.
So draw. A picture. An idea. An apple.
Because you can.

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