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Why we ask Why

Matthew Magain Chief Doodler
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PictureWhilewhatmay come beforewhyin the dictionary, that’s about the only place it should.

When crafting a campaign, planning a strategy, briefing a creative or coming up with a new product the first question should always be WHY.

Why are we doing this? Why will consumers respond?

The what, the how … that all comes later. That comes when you truly understand WHY you’re doing what you’re doing. And why you’re doing it better and differently than anybody else.

In the Sketch Videos briefing template the first question we ask is…
Why are we making this video?
(and it’s the same question if we’re making you posters or live sketching your event—it’s always about the why)

Because if you don’t understand why you’re doing this, then your message isn’t going to be clear. No matter how much we make it pop and sing, if we don’t truly understand WHY, then we miss the important bits.

Deeply thinking about why you are doing a project means everything else has a solid foundation to sit on. You know your audience. You can determine what channels best work to message them. You know what will encourage them to answer your call to action.

You know how to get results.

And that’s why we ask why.

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