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Your Video is Better than Plastic

Matthew Magain Chief Doodler
Read Time: 2 mins



Re-use. Recycle. Re-Purpose.
We’ve all gotten pretty good at recycling our glass and paper and plastics.
Well, you can do the same with your video.
Videos for your business aren’t cheap to make.
So once you’ve made that big investment, surely there’s a way you can get a bit more bang for your buck.
Something more than one video to put on your website, YouTube or wherever.
At Sketch Videos, we care about the environment. And we care about your environment.
So when we make you a video, we want to make sure you get as much use of it as you can.
You want shorter versions for use on social media?
We’ll cut your video down to size.
You want a screen saver from a key image for all your staff?
Happy to help.
You want a version with captions?
We’ll type ‘em up.
You want to make a powerpoint presentation with arresting images?
Talk to us and let’s make it happen.
When we design your video, we design it with elements that are unique to your business. Your specific messaging. So they can be used in many unique ways. Posters. Coasters. Make the most-ers of it all. This is artwork styled to your needs, so make sure that all your needs are met. 

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