City of Geelong: Driving a Conversation about Parking Changes

All cities face the challenge of juggling how space is used. Geelong Council created a Draft Parking Strategy for Central Geelong to tackle this very issue.

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Jun 12, 2024

University of Newcastle: Bringing Academic Research to the Real World

University research often results in groundbreaking, practical knowledge that is lost in academia. We set out to change this.

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Sep 26, 2023

Closing The Gaps: The Movement That Encourages Movement

How we helped an Aboriginal-led not-for-profit amplify a community program that gets people moving—and adds years to their lives.

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Nov 14, 2022

Oracle Corporation: Selling in a Competitive Market

How an enterprise software juggernaut used visualisation to differentiate itself from its competition during the tender process.

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Nov 14, 2022

Fire Films: Building Online Training that Works

How an award-winning production company that specialises in science and health documentaries created an effective training module for caregivers and medical professionals about deprescribing medication.

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Nov 14, 2022

Black Dog Institute: Bringing Research To Life

The problem faced by PhD candidate Joe Tighe and his project team is one that many researchers face: how to communicate the results of a study so others not close to the project can understand.

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Jul 15, 2022

National Museum of Australia: Learning History The Visual Way

How we helped the National Museum of Australia bring to life some of Australia’s most defining moments.

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